Super-Blood moon, Lunar Eclipse 2015

Volleyball 031 Volleyball 038

On a hill with a truck as a tri-pod!

Posted by JCDreyStudios on Saturday, October 3, 2015

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Great to be back!

HELLO!!  I’m sorry.  It’s been awhile!  My last post to this page brought back memories of a chilly day by the lake waiting to shoot a family gig.  That was TWO years ago.  Yesterday I had a session with a beautiful young woman and realized that while I’ve been indulging in photographic dreams of our new studio space, traveling to tropical venues and partaking in cross country trips for a future publication, that now…. again… the fall season is slowly creeping in.  His vibrant yellow, orange and red hues highlight the crisp drops in temperature for gradual saturation.  Snatch a scarf, warm hoodie and a reason to appreciate it for soon the snow will wrap the landscape tight with cooler air.   Until then, stay warm!

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“Fall is sneaking in…..”

Spring Valley-20130924-01720 (2)

Busy with Seniors calling for an opportunity to play in the leaves. Families looking forward to getting their smiles captured for the seasonal cards that will soon adorn the walls of family and friends. I absolutely love my job and continue to feed off of the excitement from those on the other side of my lens. Every shoot is a learning experience and I’m eager to learn. Soon the snow will fly and creative measures will need be taken in order to keep the shooting spots exciting but this toooo is anticipated!

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Bits of New Beginings-Amber, Justin and Dominic!

Engagement Pics!!

A gorgeous day was spent with these three and their pup (who was quite the trooper given the leg size!). Through the blustery chill they smiled and danced about as I gave little direction.  I also had wonderful help from little man!  Amber had such GREAT ideas!  I already LOVE my job but it is even better when there are creative minds awaiting you on site! GREAT time!! I can’t wait until the wedding!!!

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Reflections of Seasonal Hunger

Senior pictures have slowed down, Holiday pics are in full force and soon there will be a thick blanket of snow to intensify our senses. The White will replace the chilly blue that creeped in with fall. The colors did seem to last longer this year which was amazing! The past two years have found me regretting the landslide of yearly life changes and feeling irritated by the lack of “normal” or consistencies in life.  And in an obvious mockery of my ignorance, the season changed! The only things constant are also ever changing but out of necessity. I aim to grow in all I do yet hold desperately to the comfort zones of yesterdays ignorance. Learning is satiating but the unknown can be terrifying. I LOVE where Photography has taken me and am anxious to see how the other side of my lens evolves over the next year. Its a pretty cool hobby that seems to make others pretty happy too. Good luck to you in your adventures! Happy Holidays to all!

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